This will be about the man behind the actor. What did he think? What did he enjoy doing? What was he involved in?

Please read about Actors and Others for Animals.
Richard and Diana Basehart's commitment to the Well Being of Animals.

Basehart and Fellini Read about what they said about each other.

Quotes from Richard Basehart

Harrys Bar. Richard Basehart frequented this famous bar in Venice. So much
so that his son Jack feels like he grew up there. (Claudio, the bartender, says he still is)

That Job You Want. See what his advice is for getting a job.

I Want To Be Lazy. I can't imagine Richard Basehart being lazy.

Trivia. I have started a collection of various tidbits about Richard Basehart. I will add to it when I find new info.

Life at St. Vincent's Orphanage, Columbus, Ohio Richard Basehart was in the orphanage in Columbus, Ohio from about 1921 to 1926.

Gypsy MST3K had the distinction of having the only robot in love with Richard Basehart--Gypsy

The Richard Basehart Adventure Game A very badly written text adventure game based on the "Detective: An Interactive MiSTing by C. E. Forman" game which was then based on the "Detective" game.

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