In this section I hope to collect memories, stories and anecdotes about Richard Basehart from his family, friends and fans.

I asked Jack Basehart if he had ever acted with his father and he laughed and said, "I came to visit my father on holiday one summer and he stuck me in a scene (in Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea). I was just fourteen at the time. Just a stand in."

The following comments are from Ray Didsbury, Richard Basehart's stand in.

He was ALWAYS prepared with his lines and had developed his character, only on rare occasion was I asked to help him with his lines and that was usually when he was playing a duel role or a duel personality. He did not strike me as being a "method actor" his basic intelligence gave him a handle on the character. He once said to me that the secret of good acting was "NOT DEMONSTRATING".

During breaks he would read, he read all of the time. Once in awhile he would pick up the current script but rarely. We would have lunch alone occasionally and the conversation was always very lite. Can tell you that he loved Steak Tartar (those were the days when it was safe to eat it).

Once we were shooting a scene where Dick and Terry Becker were in a deserted town (forget the name of the episode) they were walking around the town searching for anyone who might be alive. As they rounded a corner a piece of newespaper blew into the face of Terry and he broke up. Richard became angry with him for not using the moment in the scene as it was totally unplanned.

He was very generous. His home was simple in comparison to other Hollywood homes but done in good taste by his artist wife and again, loaded with books.

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