When I started this site I had no idea how large it was going to grow and how far reaching it has become. I have had several people donate to this site. Without all their help this site would be nowhere as good as it is. I kept meaning to put up some sort of thank you page but never got around to it. Well, finally, here it is. And since I didn't expect the site to get this big, and will be getting a lot bigger I did not write down the names of all the people who sent me stuff. I hope I remember. If I don't, and you know who you are, by all means, please let me know.

Also, since some people are a little leery about putting their names out on the Internet, I will only be putting your first names and the Initial of your last name.

Also, these names are in no particular order.

Diana B.

Jack B.

Bruce B.

Barbara B.

Dick B.

Harry B.

Jane D.

Dante G.

Melissa H.

Beth K.

Mike K.

Pat P.

Debra A.

Mark D.

Charles M.

Lauren B.

Casey S.

Tim C.

Bobby M.

Lori Z.

Bobbie B.

Kelley D.

Bill K.

Ray D.

Mark P.

Caitie F.

Karl M.

Yvonne C.

Norman L.

Lynne S.


David H.

Mike B.

Nancy C.

Carol B.

Carolyn B.

Elaine B.

Carmen C.

Joseph K.

Michelle P.

Carol S.

Betty C.

Jackie S.

Monique N.

Linda A.

Keri T.

Jason M.

Diane K.

And I must thank two other people.

One person who talked me into starting the site. Melissa B. I asked her if she thought it would be a good idea and she is the one who insisted that "Yes, it's a great idea." If we hadn't had that conversation out on the sidewalk in front of a mutual friend's house, it would not have existed, I would not have contacted the Baseharts, and I never would have met the Baseharts.

The other is Debbie H. who has helped me most of all. She is sort of the co-owner of the site. She puts up with me and my weirdness and in the event I am unable to continue, she will take over the site. One way or another, Richard Basehart will live on.


Stephanie Kellerman

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