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This is NOT the web site for St. Vincen't Orphanage! This info is here because Richard Basehart was at the orphanage from 1920-1924 and this site is about him. The orphanage no longer exists and I have no way to contact ANYONE connected with the orphanage.

(sung at S.V.O.)
We greet you, dear St. Vincent,
Apostle of the poor.
What countless trials and labors
In Life did you endure?
Now to your throne in heaven ascend,
Your benediction on us send,
In joy, in pain, till life is o'er,
Protect us now and evrmore,
Then lead us safe to heaven's shore.
S.V.O. Fight Song
Cheer, cheer for old S.V.O.
Wake up the echoes cheering her name.
Send a mighty cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky.
What if the odds be great or small
Old S.V.O.will win over all,
While her loyal sons go marching
Onward to victory!

I want to thank Virgil Gelormino and Frank Hrabley for the information, poems and pictures on these two pages. I first found Virgil's site and he graciously let me put his poems and pictures about his stay at St. Vincent's here. He was not at St. Vincent's at the same time as Richard Basehart, but the pictures he took show St. Vincent's pretty much as it looked when Richard Basehart was there and his experiences that he recounts in his poems are apparently right there as Frank Hrabley, who was with Richard Basehart in St Vincent's Orphanage can tell you and will here. There is a poem about a nun Sr. Carista that Virgil wrote about. Sr. Caristas was there when Richard Basehart was there.

St. Vincent's Orphanage in 1874.

Chapin, Coach at St. Vincents with an outbuilding in the background

More outbuildings.

The Playground.

The first look a child saw when walking through the gate from St. Anne's to St. Vincent's.

The high east wall--over 7 feet.

Outside the Dormitory. They were separated by ages.

The inside of the dormitory. Over 100 boys stayed in this room.

The kitchen. All the boys took turns doing KP duty.

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