1948 Life Magazine


What is male sex appeal? No poll, even if it existed, could give a reliable
answer to so nebulous a question, but the nine young men grouped by Life Photographer Loomis
Dean all have it. Their total salaries at present probably barely equal that of Clark Gable.
Nevertheless, the smart businessmen who manage Hollywood's studios are counting on these young
actors and others like them, to bring back into the theaters the great masses of eager, admiring
females who made fortunes for Valentino, Gable, Cooper and Boyer and their employers.

This latest group of Hollywood hopefuls is marked by unusual seriousness. Every one of them has
studied hard at his profession. Some of them have had considerable stage experience and at least
two of them are very good actors.

Among them they represent all the different kinds of masculine charm which Hollywood has found to
have a mass appeal. ........Richard Basehart (whose performance makes a superior movie of the
forthcoming melodrama He Walked By Night) appeals to women who admire strength and maturity.....

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