The Richard Basehart Adventure Game

From: Bonnie Montgomery

NAME: Richard Basehart Adventure
AUTHOR: Matthew Garrett
EMAIL: cavan SP@G
DATE: January 1997
PARSER: Inform
SUPPORTS: Inform ports
URL: No longer active
VERSION: Release 1

When I contacted Matthew Garrett for his input on this review, his reactions were roughly shock, surprise, and worry. He wrote, "I'm probably guilty of wasting several people's time with a fairly simple joke."
The joke of Richard Basehart Adventure is "steal whatever original creative content exists in an IF game that is itself derivative of a another game." The game whose creative content is being ransacked is Detective: An Interactive MiSTing by C. E. Forman, in which the characters of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" heckle their way through Matthew Barringer's Detective.
To find a walkthrough of Richard Basehart Adventure, read Forman's introduction to his MiSTing. MST3K character Gypsy creates a simple game about her idol, which Garrett brings to life, capturing every nuance. However, since there are only about three nuances total, actual playing of Richard Basehart Adventure is, in my opinion, optional.
Is Matthew Garrett guilty of wasting my time? I think not. He pointed me back to Forman's MiSTing of Detective, a game I had not played since the 1995 competition. A year later Forman released a Silver Screen Edition, which included an interview with Matthew Barringer (15 years old and "much cooler" than the 12-year-old self that had written Detective) and snippets from an abandoned but hilarious second MiSTing, The Caverns of Chaos.
The worst crime for which Garrett can be accused is not properly using his Web site as a vehicle for self-promotion. (He might have learned a trick or two from Forman, who, by his own admission, shamelessly promotes The Path to Fortune throughout the Silver Screen Edition.) The page from which Richard Basehart Adventure is available does not offer any links back to Garrett's home page. If it did, Garrett could have drawn attention to his other projects, including his "proper" IF work in progress, which he is offering for download in return for feedback.

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