This is NOT Harry's Bar's web site

That web site is http://www.cipriani.com/locations/venice/restaurants/harrys-bar.php

Or you can go directly there at http://www.harrysbarvenezia.com

Cipriani is the name of the site because that is the name of the man who opened the bar. It was named "Harry's Bar" after his son, Arrigo ( Harry in Italian) who now runs it. It has the telephone number, fax number and email addresses for the two places he owns.

If you send an email from this page it will be going to richardbasehart.com and NOT Harry's Bar.

Richard Basehart spent a lot of time in Venice and while he was there frequented Harry's Bar. His favorite drink was 2 beers with a double Jack Daniels as a chaser. He also liked Vodka Martinis. His son tried the 2 beers and the double Jack Daniels once and about fell on the floor. Jack was there with him so much he feels like he grew up there. He still goes there when he is in Venice. The bartender on the phone is Claudio. He is calling Jack for us, per Jack's instructions.

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