"Cheating is bad. Richard Basehart is good."
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Gypsy is a robot on Mystery Science Theater 3000. She controls the functions of the ship, "Satellite of Love". The major redeeming characteristic of Gypsy is the fact that she is in love with Richard Basehart. I felt like the site wouldn't be complete without a Gypsy page.

"This ones really nice. What's this one?" "Joel, my ideal family is right here. And I know Richard Basehart watches over us all." "Ohhhh, that's really sweet, Gypsy. But tell me why does Richard Basehart get to play god." "I don't know." WAV | MP3 | Real Player

Gypsy's Top Ten favorite things

10. Turning the oxygen off and having a heart to heart chat with Joel or Mike.

9. Her many pinking shears.

8. Not really being involved in some of the lame-brained stuff the others do.

7. She's too busy running the higher ship controls to watch those lousy movies.

6. Tasty RAM chips.

5. Her one woman show.

4. Despite it all, Mike, Joel, Crow, Tom, and Cambot. (and Magic Voice)

3. Richard Basehart

2. Richard Basehart

1. Richard Basehart!!!!

Gypsy's Top Ten Least favorite things

10. When she's thought of as stupid, just because her mental capacity is utilized mainly in the care and control of the Satellite of Love.

9. Pearl Forrester (Gypsy's tempted to call her a word that rhymes with b*tch).

8. Being used as the umbilicus for those stinky Mads.

7. Coughing up horrible drek.

6. Having to take part in some of the zany antics occurring on the SoL.

5. Tom's performance in "Supercalifragilisticexpialiwacky."

4. When she watched an experiment and the others were talking through it.

3. When Crow sets fire to the ship.

2. When Tom Servo asks her out on dates.

1. When anyone disses Richard Basehart.

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