"Women make the best nurses....of grudges."

"I wouldn't want to be a straight leading man. You've got to be bigger and prettier than I am."

"Even out of hating as I hated Hollywood, there's a lesson to be learned."

On living in Europe."The highest tax anyone pays there is 25 percent. A lot of people don't pay any tax at all."

"Live dangerously, Fear naught. All will be well"

"You sort of lose your powers of reasoning when things look black"

"We can't recognize the turning points of life; now I believe nothing's ever lost."

""Well, of course, it isn't exactly Hamlet . . ." ."

"Who? Me? Go down in a real submarine? Never."

"No, no, Dave. Me Nelson, you Crane."

"Nothing irritates me more than actors who take all the money and then complain about how terribly limited TV is. That kind of talk only reflects on them."

"You fight for the moments," he said reflectively. "You fight for the seconds to live."

"TV is fun, but the stage is glory."

"Actors shouldn't get into politics. They know nothing about it. It's ridiculous for an actor to run for political office. He usually wins, but for the wrong reason."

"One on stage movement can convey pages of thought and yet the same movement--over done--has a hammy meaning all its own. The difference between over-acting and good acting can't be taught on Broadway at some producer's expense."

"Temperament comes in varied packages and the choice of a temperament to suit your particular character is indeed a trying one."

"The summer theatre, is no magic carpet to Broadway. It merely affords an opportunity for work and an even greater opportunity to learn. It can be used to advantage by novices and veterans alike--and it can be abused by these same people."

"For me, no "parlor-star" roles. I want parts with meat, good strong character portrayals that people can understand and believe."

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