One thing that Richard Basehart was serious about was the treatment of animals.

Please read how he and his wife Diana started AOA and exactly what AOA does..

Actors and Others for Animals


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The one thing that Diana Basehart wanted to make sure was on the site was information about Actors and Others for Animals. Here is the story behind the beginning and a link to their home page.

The following was taken from a press release dated 8/18/97

The tragic fate of a small dog hurled casually from a moving vehicle onto a California freeway so shocked and outraged the late actor Richard Basehart and his wife, Diana, that they joined together with other celebrities and concerned citizens to launch the non-profit humane organization, Actors and Others for Animals. When the organization opened its doors in 1971, the animal welfare movement was just beginning to shed its image as a "bunch of crazies" to become a viable cause gaining respectability and support. Early members, such as Doris Day and Lucie Arnaz, recognized that their celebrity status enabled them to focus media attention on the plight of animals and turn one voice into a thousand. The public heard the cry for help and reacted strongly with demands for change. A broad-based group, Actors and Others for Animals' "nuts and bolts" approach allows them to direct resources where the need is greatest and where they can do the most good. Since day one, Actors and Others for Animals has devoted most of its efforts toward helping pet owners get their animals spayed or neutered. Today, Actors and Others for Animals is still focusing much of its energy to promote spaying and neutering, believing strongly that pet overpopulation is the greatest breeder of animal cruelty. Actors and Others for Animals is dedicated to providing: Spay/Neuter Assistance & Education Help Line Referral Service Humane Education Legislative Involvement Pet Assisted Therapy Emergency Assistance For press information, contact Maria Dales at (714)773-5915

Actors and Others for Animals Official Homepage:
Actors and Others for Animals
11523 Burbank Blvd.
No. Hollywood, CA 91601-2309
Contact: Susan Taylor, Exec. Dir.
Phone: (818)755-6045
Fax: N/A

An additional note. Actors and Others for Animals is registered with IGIVE.COM That means if you order something from a merchant on the internet and they are registered with IGIVE and you go through IGIVE to these sites and select Actors and Others for Animals as your charity, these merchants will donate a portion of the sales to the charity. Check it out.

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