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Dick Basehart, born, bred and fled Zanesville, has just completed work in his latest EagleLion film. "Twenty-nine Clues" which is a documentary-style film dealing with the technique employed by the Los Angeles police department in tracking down criminals.

Basehart plays the role of Irwin Morgan, a killer who is now awaiting execution at San Quentin. Morgan, in actuality, was captured after the most intense search ever undertaken by the Los Angeles detectives. All events before and after the crime have been filmed and Basehart stays a step ahead of his captors until the very last.

One sequence, photographed by Life magazine, takes place in a storm drain and since it was important that water be flowing through the drain, trucks filled with salt water were brought for this purpose. Los Angeles has been suffering from a dry spell so ocean water was used. After the fllming, the technicians discovered that Dick had been wading through water that had several baby mackerel and small barracuda had been swimming along with him.

This wasn't Dick's only discomfiture. In anther sequence he was handcuffed with real policemen's handcuffs which do not have the Hollywood sponge-lining. The director, Alfred Worker, wanted realism and he got it. A publicity man saw to it that the key to the cuffs was lost which meant Dirk had to wait until the links and bars were sawed through with a file and hack-saw.

The picture was made almost entirely on location with Detective Serpeant Marty S. Wynn acting as technical advisor. Many of the scenes were shot with hidden cameras to record the startled expressions of passersby who happened on dramatic incidents without realizing Basehart was an actor. In one instance the filming was in the narrow corridors of City Hall where police headquarters is located. An exchange of shots brought policemen running. A near accident was narrowly prevented since Basehart was blazing away at two detectives and one uniformed officer.

"20 Clues" is being scored now and is due for an early summer release. This is Dick Basehart's first picture since "Repeat Performance," which had its world premiere in Zanesville a little more than a year ago. Between pictures, Basehart appeard in the short-lived Irwin Shaw drama, "The Survivors". Basehart drove to California after the play closed and did some work in the Pasadena Playhouse.

Manager John Woodward of Zanesville Theaters, Inc., has already announced his intention to play "29 Clues".

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