The Enemy. Richard Basehart's first paying role. Article has one short line about him.

Alias The Deacon. The 2nd role and first noted review that "Dick" Basehart ever had.-May 3, 1927

RichardBasehart, Former Zanesville Youth, Makes Name For Himself as Dramatic Actor--1942

Theater Critics Acclaim Zanesville's Dick Basehart

Richard Basehart's Family in the '40's

Short Movie Stars Parade Article-June 1947

Dick Basehart's Head Not Swelled by $2000-A-Week Job in Movies--April 6, 1947

Welcome Home--1947

Articles about the premiere of Repeat Performance in Zanesville --May 18 through May 25, 1947

Basehart Completes Picture Based On Actual Murder in Los Angeles--1948

Short Article In Life Magazine-December 6, 1948

What does Richard Basehart think of actresses after a couple years in Hollywood--1948

Cabbages and Kisses--December 1949 Vue Magazine Article

Actresses Response to Cabbages and Kisses--March 24, 1950

Psycho Path is Golden Road for Richard Basehart --1950

Hollywood Film Shop--Getting to Hasty Heart --Nov. 5, 1950

Real Story Behind Fourteen Hours--March 12, 1951

A review of Fourteen Hours--May 1951

Actor Basehart--1951


This article is done differently. It is not on a page. The links below are to two jpg files. I did not want to cut this article up. It is the entire front page of the 2nd section of the Zanesville Signal about Moby Dick. It would probably be easier, after clicking on the links, to save the jpg file to your computer and open it from there so you can move it around to read it. Moby Dick Page 1--760k and Page 2--350k

Basehart Content to Live, Make Pictures in Rome--April 25, 1957

Stars Article-for lack of a better name

He Can't Be Bad--1967


Behind The Mike--1971

From Shakespeare to Submarines--1975

TV DIARY--Winnipeg Free Press-January 25, 1975

For The Love of King Arthur--Dec. 2, 1977

Series For Basehart--1978

Basehart Back At Hedgerow--1979

Basehart Goes Home To Moylan--1979

Basehart's MacBeth A Triumph At Hedgerow--1979

Bob Harmon Article-first printed April 21, 1997

Richard Basehart: Man On The Ledge--2001--Thanks, Charlie

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